How do I know which bike will be best for me?

With all the different styles of bikes at first glance it can be bit overwhelming. Pedal Works Cyclery is here to help simplify the process. Our staff are trained to help you select the right bike for your riding style. Not sure your riding style? We believe that a test ride is an excellent way to help figure that out which is why we stock all different styles of bicycles. Trying several different bikes can really help narrow down which bike is right for you.

Road Bikes

Whether you're out for speed, or have the whole day to enjoy the scenery we have a road bike to help you do it. Road bikes nowadays are built with comfort in mind, and when properly fit by our GURU F.I.S.T. certified fitter, you'll be set to ride. We have everything from full race to endurance geometry road bikes, as well as women's and men's models available.

Electric Bikes

The Specialized Turbo is an excellent choice for a quick, efficient, battery-powered bicycle.   With a top speed of 28 mph and a range of over 65 miles, the Turbo is a ready and capable alternative to driving or any other human-powered means of transport or recreation.

Lifestyle Bikes

Just want to cruise around town mainly staying on the road but with the ability to do some light trails too? Looking to get some exercise? Want to just ride in the neighborhood with the kids and not looking to enter the Tour de France? We have recreational bicycles that will work for the entire family.


The TerraTrike range of recumbent tricycles are a comfortable and efficient  way to ride.  With folding, race, and comfort models, there is something for everyone's idea of a good time.  They are also a great way for those with reduced balance or motor control to enjoy independence in the outdoors.