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(by appointment only)

Bike Finder Fit.....................................................Free with bike purchase

The Guru Fit system is a powerful computerized bicycle fitting tool that allows you and a trained fit technician to identify your most comfortable, powerful, and efficient position before purchasing a bicycle.  Once you decide on your favorite position, the Guru Fit System database will list all the bicycles that accommodate that position, allowing you to choose the perfect bicycle for your body and your budget.  Take the guess work out of buying a bicycle!

Optimization Fit
The Guru Fit System can also be used to optimize an existing bicycle.  Racers and endurance riders know the importance of millimeters when it comes to position on fast and long rides.  Stop guessing.  Our trained fitters will use Guru's cutting edge technology and real-time data to help you identify your best position.  Maximize your performance and realize your potential.

Triathlon Fit...........................................................$350
Triathletes have unique needs when it comes to their bicycles.  Long days in difficult conditions make fit crucial.  Set your PR and win Strava segments by finding the most efficient balance between comfort and aerodynamics.  Let us make you and your machine as fast as possible. 

What to expect (and not to expect) from your fit.

We will never force a position on you.  Much like an eye doctor asking you to choose between options until you arrive at your clearest vision, our fitters will guide you through an interactive process in which you tell us which positions you prefer.  After you arrive at your favorite, our mechanics can match your exact specifications to a new bicycle, an existing bicycle or send the coordinates with you for future use.   We will certainly answer questions and offer opinions but you, the rider, remain empowered and in control through the entire process.

To optimize your fit, you should wear your favorite cycling shorts and shoes.  We keep a library of seats, pedals and handlebars in the shop so we can make the fit as exact as possible, but check with your fitter before you arrive in case we need you to bring certain equipment with you.

Please budget enough time to make your visit relaxed.  Fits are different for each rider.  Some take longer than others depending on the rider’s experience, expectations and physical anomalies (leg length discrepancies for example.)  Rushing may compromise your fit. 

Please treat your fit like a ride or a workout.  Eat and hydrate as you would before a long ride.  We have a changing room, a restroom and towels available for you.   

At the end, you will receive an electronic portfolio of your fit findings, with coordinates and measurements exact down to millimeters.     

Our Guarantee

Bodies change over time so we can’t guarantee your fit forever.  People become more and less flexible with age, which will change your best position.  We also recognize that you can’t be absolutely sure of your fit until you have ridden it under real conditions for a while so we guarantee your Guru fit for 30 days, during which you can schedule re-fits to really dial in your position. 


Make an Appointment

Please call the shop at (302)907-0146 to make an appointment for a Guru Fit Systems bicycle fit!